Watch the entire series about our calving success.

Episode 1

New Beginnings

What is colostrum and why does a calf need it? Colostrum contains important antibodies, nutrients and growth factors critical for newborn calves.

Episode 2

SCCL is the Best!

Are all colostrum products the same? An immune system like no udder! SCCL bovine dried colostrum contains all the important factors a calf needs, while also being safe, clean and consistent – something maternal colostrum is often lacking.

Episode 3

Timing is Everything

When is the ideal time to feed colostrum? Calves need colostrum during a critical window of time after birth to receive all the benefits that colostrum has to offer.

Episode 4

SCCL to the Rescue

Which calves should receive the best care? Calves born to stressful situations can all lead to greater risk for failure of passive transfer. These calves require more colostrum, and fast!

Episode 5

Measuring Success

My calf received it’s colostrum, but how can I tell if enough immunity has been delivered? Serum Total Protein tests are a useful tool in any calving operation, but should not be considered the gold standard. Proceed with caution and learn which test should be used to measure the success of a colostrum program.

Episode 6

Do Better – Enrich!

Herd colostrum gets fed first, but I don’t have enough and it’s quality isn’t aways good – what are my options now? When utilizing a herd’s available maternal colostrum, the quantity and quality isn’t always sufficient. Enrichment is an excellent way to achieve higher levels of immunity during the first feeding of colostrum.

Episode 7

Post Day 1 - It's Worth It

Productive calves lead to productive cows! Feeding colostrum after day 1 of birth provides the calf with a whole range of benefits that lead to a healthy, productive animal. It’s easy to do, and the colostrum powder can simply be included in the daily milk or milk replacer program. It’s worth it!